Unique Pyrotechnic Product Details

Stadium Shots

The most basic of proceedings can be highlighted and uplifted with a simple burst from our Confetti and Streamers Shots ( Stage Shot , Stadium Shot ) at the right time... Confetti Stadium Shot or Stage Shots are used to fire a ‘hit’ of confetti and streamers at a key moment in an event. A spectacular and versatile effect Ideal for stage shows, concerts, weddings, product launches and everything in between, they produce an instantaneous effect for a real surprise factor. We keep a variety of Confetti in stock being imported from abroad but, given a little more time, can make Custom Cut Confetties to your specific requirements whatever you have in mind and we have a range of different Confetti Equipments suitable for a range of different event scenarios, whether they be remote controlled, dmx controlled, with or without an operator or truss attached to shoot confetti and streamers within the smallest venues, close proximity to stadiums! Our Confetti unlike traditional confetti is larger sized specifically designed to float in the air to give that amazing effect this allows it to be easily cleaned up, be sweeped or vacuumed.