For those unfamiliar with the term “Pyromusical” we hope our explanation proves useful! - A Pyromusical is a Fireworks display that is choreographed to music (Pyro – Fireworks & Musical – Music) it’s that simple! Unique Pyrotechnic team has an enviable reputation in producing some of the most spectacular pyromusical displays in India . True pyromusicals are magnificent performances, adding a sense of dynamics and real emotion to the performance.

Over the years our display and choreography teams have produced pyromusical displays to a host of different musical genres and for a wide range of events ranging from wedding fireworks displays through to corporate and national events. Examples of some of our more recent work can be seen right here. Why not contact us to see how we can add that extra special dimension to your next fireworks display!


What better way to accentuate a high-profile event, concert, or moment of sporting glory at your arena, venue or stadium, than with our professional displays of no hot fallout pyrotechnics and close proximity special effects. From arenas, stadium rooftops and concert halls, to ball rooms, pitch-side, race track, or even adjacent to your venue - we can provide a world-class high-impact pyrotechnic display entirely tailored and designed around your precise requirements. Nothing is left to chance, and there is only one opportunity to get it right. Our display directors will personally visit you to understand exactly what you or your client are looking for.

We go above and beyond in providing a truly personal service to our customers. Each and every arena, venue and stadium project we undertake is totally unique, and we can involve you at every step along the way, from design and concept, right through to the moment we press the button. All of our solutions are technically designed and digitally controlled to work seamlessly around the other production elements of the event, e.g. live performances, lighting and sound. We can also quote for providing non-pyrotechnic effects, for example flames, confetti, streamers or Co2 jets.